Taking antibiotics when they are not needed is like leaving the lights on all the time...

Overusing Antibiotics Can Cause Problems such as

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea, including the kind due to C. difficile, an infection that can lead to severe symptoms
  • Rash or other allergic reactions
  • Harm your kidneys or other organs
  • Create bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics

When Are Antibiotics Not Needed?

  • When you have an infection that is caused by a virus (like a cold or the flu).
  • When you don't have an infection but instead have some other medical problem (such as anemia).
  • When bacteria are found in a urine culture from a sample you gave, but you don't have symptoms of infection.  It's normal for many people to have bacteria in their urine without having an infection.  

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